Hospital Fowler Bed (General)

Hospital Fowler Bed (General)




Brand: Surgiluxindia

Product type: Hospital Bed

Vendor: Surgiluxindia


Hospital Fowler Bed are ergonomically intended for patients .Fowler Beds have four area punctured beds put to use for knee rest and backrest capacities. Medical clinic fowler bed (general) worked utilizing methamphetamine hydrochloride or engines, use synchronous, focal or individual stopping mechanism. These Hospital Fowler Bed are fit out with simple lifting or collapsible side rails to guarantee understanding security. In the clinic fowler beds treated Steel or ABS are utilized for the head and foot boards. These medical clinic Fowler Bed are fabricated through the supervision of master and experienced group of Surgiluxindia. Surgiluxindia is a brand for excellent clinic fowler beds. We are driving emergency clinic fowler beds producer and providers. Surgiluxindia have become top name in the business. Emergency clinic fowler beds requests over the world. We are maker and providers of emergency clinic fowler beds. Surgiluxindia is an India based organization.


  • Fowler bed with tubular head and foot bows of unequal height.
  • Back rest 0-75º, Knee rest 0-35°
  • Epoxy coated mild steel structure with 4 section mattress platform made up of CRCA M.S. Sheet.
  • 2 Separate crank mechanisms for back rest and knee rest respectively.
  • Provision for I.V. Rod on four locations.
  • Legs fitted with PVC stumps.