Hospital Pediatric Bed

Hospital Pediatric Bed




Brand: Surgiluxindia

Collections: Hospital Bed

Product type: Hospital Pediatric Bed

Vendor: Surgiluxindia


Surgiluxindia is a brand for high quality hospital Pediatric Bed in india. We are leading Pediatric Bed manufacturer and suppliers. Surgiluxindia have become top name in the industry. Pediatric Bed demands over the world. Its use our critical care beds with confidence. We are producer and suppliers of Hospital Pediatric Bed. Surgiluxindia is an India based company. Surgical Global produce specially designed Hospital Bed for Children. We are manufactured & supplier of Hospital Pediatric Bed, Children Hospital Beds, Medical Pediatric Beds, Pediatric Beds & children's house bed.

Product Description

  • Pediatric bed frame made of CRCA rectangular tubes of SWG.
  • It is mde of CRCA perforated sheet.
  • Head and foot bows made of CRCA pipes with vertical tube supports.
  • Pediatric bed jump on rubber shoes swing/drop down side railing.
  • Pre-treated and powder coated Pediatric beds.
  • Dimension: 137 x 76 x 60 cm

Product Specifications:

  • Tubular Pipe framework.
  • Top of M.S. Sheet with perforations.
  • Built in back rest.
  • Mounted on four 10 cms. dia castors (2 with brakes).
  • Drop side, safety railing at both side.
  • Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated finish.

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